Arthur TyArthur V. Ty is currently the President of Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company, commonly known as Metrobank. His father George Ty is the Founder of Metrobank.

Arthur Ty started out once as a 10-year-old messenger boy for the family-controlled Metrobank, where he learned lessons in humility, discipline and hard work. During summer vacations, he would work as messenger or clerk in various departments of the bank. His wife is the daughter of one of the country’s top ethnic Chinese business clans in the candy manufacturing business.

Other Information

  • Name: Arthur V. Ty
  • Father : George Ty
  • Mother : Mary Vy Ty
  • Siblings :
    • Alfred V. Ty
    • Anjanette V. Ty
    • Margaret L. Ty-Cham
    • Zandra M. Ty
  • Schools Attended:
  • Taipei American School in Taiwan

Other Interest

  • President,  Metrobank
  • Vice Chairman, Metrobank Foundation Inc.
  • Vice Chairman, Philippine Savings Bank

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