Mr. Bryan Tiu grew up absorbing the entrepreneurial culture of Divisoria where his parents ran a textile business. Most of his father’s clients were Japanese and his exposure to them led to his appreciation of Japanese culture.

As an aficionado of Japanese cuisine, Mr. Tiu saw a gap between Japanese fine dining and low-end Japanese restaurants. He saw this gap as a potential niche and was confident that he could provide good Japanese food without necessarily hurting the diners’ pockets.

In 2001, Mr. Tiu established his first Japanese casual dining restaurant in Madison Square Greenhills. The restaurant was named Teriyaki Boy, introducing the image of an animated Japanese boy to appeal to a more relaxed target market. Teriyaki Boy started to attract adolescents and youngworking professionals. Since then, it has built a loyal following from the C and B markets. By 2005, Teriyaki Boy had grown into a chain of 10 restaurants in the Metro Manila area.

Teriyaki Boy’s swift and steady growth prompted Mr. Tiu to consider a merger with a company that could ensure Teriyaki Boy’s long-term presence in the industry. After a year of careful consideration, he signed a merger with the Lorenzo Group in late 2005. The Lorenzo Group now controls 70% of the Teriyaki Boy, and Mr. Tiu retains 30% ownership. This decision, he believes, was a major breakthrough in assuring Teriyaki Boy’s future by stabilizing its presence in the industry. The merger has also allowed Mr. Tiu to focus on the aspects of business closest to his heart: site development and research and development for Teriyaki Boy.

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