Carlos Chan
Carlos Chan

Carlos Chan, also known as Shi Gong Qi, is a prominent Chinese Filipino entrepreneur based in Manila and China. He is the founder of Liwayway China Company Limited. He is better known in the Philippines as the brother of Ben Chan, the founder of the Bench clothing and lifestyle chain.

He was born in Manila in 1942 and studied architecture at Mapua Institute of Technology. He left studies to concentrate on studies. The eldest sibling in the family, he bought the family company Liwayway Marketing Corporation when the other siblings thought of selling it and were venturing into other lines.

From its humble start in 1993 in Shanghai, Liwayway China Company Limited with its flagship line Oishi food snacks is said to have become the biggest salty snack food manufacturer in China, with over US $250 million in annual sales.

“Oishi” is a Japanese word for “tasty,” and has become synonymous in the Philippines and Asia for salty fun snacks. It also has a line of candies, bread, and even mass-market brandy.

Chan began with two rented factories in Shanghai and 400 employees. Currently Liwayway China Company Limited has 10 factories and more than 6,000 employees in China. The factories are located in Harbin, Suzhou, Ningbo, Xuzhou, Changsha, Zhengzou, Kunning, Jiangxi and Hubei.

Carlos Chan’s entry in 1993 was perfect timing. In the last 14 years China has been modernizing rapidly, registering more than 8 percent of GNP growth a year, making it the fastest growing world economy, and only second to the US in terms of purchasing power.

Carlos Chan and his three sons, Carlson, Archie and Larry, and a son-in-law are in charge of sales and marketing, general administration and product development.

The China operations of Liwayway China Company Limited includes 12 companies, among which are Shanghai Liwayway Food Industries Limited and Shanghai Prawn Cracker Foodstuff Company Limited. Its products in China are marketed under the brand “Oishi Shanghaojia,” which in 2001, received the Shanghai Famous Brands award. A few years later, manufacturing facilities were also set up in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (1997) and in Yangon, Myanmar (1999), where Oishi is now the leading snack food brand. A foray into Indonesia is also under development.

Other Information

  • Name: Carlos Chan
  • Also Known As: Shi Gong Qi
  • Birthday: 1942
    Place of Birth: Manila
  • Father: Chan Lib
  • Mother: See Ying
  • Brother: Ben Chan
  • Son(s):
    • Carlson
    • Archie
    • Larry
  • School Attended:
    • Architecture, Mapua Institute of Technology

Business Interest

  • Liwayway China Company Limited, Founder
  • Liwayway Marketing Corporation
  • Shanghai Liwayway Food Industries Limited
  • Shanghai Prawn Cracker Foodstuff Company Limited


  • Shanghai Famous Brands award, 2001


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  1. Raj Meghrajani

    Carlos Chan or Shi Gong Qi, is the brother of Ben Chan the handsome gentleman who brought Bench/ brand in the Philippines was known as foreign brand in the beginning I myself thought also it is a foreign brand, as I enter quad parking Bench boutique and inQuire from store manager and he gave me address of Bench office located in Passay City, next day I presented my accessory Items to the Nenita Chan Lim the younger sister of Mr. Carlos Chan…immediately PO was made by personally hand written and sign by her, now Po’s are signed thru computer, I am their preferred supplier last 29 years, I wish to meet Mr. Carlos and his bright children to expand there business to add additional at least 1billion consumers into their tasty snacks…. My wish to see Chan Family have Oishi Bench Bank or Bright Bench Bank so that we suppliers get payments thru Bench Bank and we secure our money in Bench Bank …One more wish to see Oishi Bench Car too !!!

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