Ms. Catherine Delantar is the innovative visionary behind Natures Legacy. She and her husband, Pedro, were engaged for three years in manufacturing hand-carved products using mainly Mactan stone, before establishing Natures Legacy Eximport, Inc. in 1996.

In the beginning, the company’s products were mass-produced using the stone-casting process to achieve consistency in the quality of their products. However, the stone-casting process resulted in products that were heavier and less durable than Mactan stone. Ms. Delantar found a solution to this dilemma. Her discovery, called Naturescast, is a product made from agri-forest waste and enhanced by industrial materials. It is combined with shell, wrought iron, glass, roots of plants, twigs, and other media to produce unique home and garden accessories for export.

From a backyard business in 1996, Natures Legacy has expanded into a manufacturing firm with 120 employees as of 2005. It now exports its products to Europe, the US, the Middle East, and Asia. The company also trains local residents to identify the raw materials needed for production. Once they are familiar with the indigenous materials used for Natures Legacy’s products, they are able to gather these in the nearby woods and mountainside and sell them to the company.

To survive the competitive export environment, Ms. Delantar acquired Intellectual Property (IP) registrations with the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines for all its innovative products and processes. It also has 23 Philippine patents and an international brand. She is very passionate about protecting Naturescast and her original designs because the company has experienced how intellectual piracy can affect their business.

Ms. Delantar’s ingenuity has won for Natures Legacy the Golden Shell Award for excellence in Design and Manufacturing in December 2004. The company also won the Best Booth Display Katha Award during the October 2001 Manila International F.A.M.E., a Citation Katha Award in the April 2004 Manila International F.A.M.E., and a nomination for Best Product Design for the Katha Award in the 2003 Manila International F.A.M.E.

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