Dennis Orcollo-01 Dennis Orcollo, sometimes called Dennis Orcullo, is a Filipino professional pool player, nicknamed "Surigao" (name from a province in the Philippines) and "Robocop". He has been called "the Philippines’ Money-game King".

Like a number of upcoming players from the Philippines, Orcollo was first seen on television in his contention at the Rising Stars Tournament in 2000.

Dennis Orcollo (right) alongside Jose Parica at 2006 International Pool Tour tournament in Las Vegas

At the 2002 WPA World Nine-ball Championship, he unexpectedly beat champion Ralf Souquet 9-8 in the last 64, but eventually lost 6-9 to Efren Reyes in the last 32.

In 2006, Orcollo began his campaign in the U.S.. There, he won a number of tournaments, including the Reno Open, the Hard Times Nine-ball Tournament and two bar table events. Because his compatriots had entered a less prestigious event in Asia, Orcollo was the only player from the Philippines to compete in the World Straight Pool Championship, which was ultimately dominated by Thorsten Hohmann. Although he neither won nor received any prize money, Orcollo made a respectable high run of 91. The following year, he made a better straight pool run of 93 at an exhibition in the USA. Also in 2006, Orcollo won the last edition of the World Pool League tournament against Niels Feijen.

In 2007, he was runner-up to his fellow countryman Ronato Alcano at the WPA World Eight-ball Championship. Also in this year, he won the BCA Open Nine-ball Championship, a tournament where three fellow Filipinos were defeated in the final in past editions of that event. He competed for the second time at the World Straight Pool Championship. Unlike the previous event, where he was the only Philippine player in contention, Warren Kiamco joined him. He had a much better performance in the tournament and achieved a high run of 117 (the fourth highest in the tournament). However, he was defeated by Oliver Ortmann, the eventual winner of the event, in the quarter-finals by a lopsided 200-7 score, the largest margin in the history of the tournament.

On July 6, 2008, Orcollo won the inaugural World Nine-ball Open held in Qatar. He won the title, defeating Niels Feijen, 13-5. He earlier beat Ralf Souquet in the semi-finals, and received the $ 40,000 prize from the president of Qatar Billiards and Snooker Federation Ibrahim Abdul-Aziz al-Sahlawi in Al Muntazah Road at Doha, Qatar. Feijen received $ 20,000.

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