Eduardo “Edu” Barrios Manzano (born September 14, 1955) is a Filipino actor, television personality, and politician. He was previously the host of game shows The Weakest Link, Pilipinas, Game KNB?, and 1 vs. 100.

Manzano is the co-founder of the non-profit advocacy organization called Ako Mismo, which is also supported by Manuel V. Pangilinan.

Eduardo Barrios Manzano was born on September 14, 1955 in San Francisco, California to Filipino parents. Due to his parentage (jus sanguinis) and the place of his birth (jus soli), he is both a citizen of the Philippines and the United States under the constitutions of both countries.

At the age of 17, Manzano joined the United States armed forces, serving for four years.

Manzano moved to the Philippines to pursue a full-time career with the local movie industry.

He is known for his villain roles (mostly in action films, though he also plays the lead character in some of them), supporting roles and his sense of humor.

Manzano served as president of the actors’ group Kapisanan ng mga Artista sa Pelikulang Pilipino in the 1990s.

He was part of ABS-CBN’s roster of contract actors until he took a leave in order to run for vice president of the Philippines in the 2010 elections. However, he has stated that he is no longer interested to return to show business but is interested to take on hosting current affairs programs.

As of the early part of August 2010, Edu is back in showbiz, with GMA Network. He already signed a contract with GMA last August 11, 2010. He is to be the new host of an upcoming reality-game show that will soon air early September 2010.

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