Eugenio Lopez III
Eugenio Lopez III

Eugenio L. Lopez, III has been Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corp. since December 10, 1997. Mr. Lopez serves as the Chief Executive Officer and President of Bayan Telecommunications Inc. Mr. Lopez serves as Treasurer and Comptroller of ABS-CBN Holdings Corp. He serves as Treasurer of Benpres Holdings Corporation and President of Sky vision and RCPI. Mr. Lopez served as ABS-CBN President since 1993. He served as the President of ABS-CBN .

Eugenio Lopez III, commonly known as Gabby, is the current Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of ABS-CBN, the largest media conglomerate in the Philippines, with investments primarily in television, radio and film production. He is also director and treasurer of Benpres Holdings Corporation, ABS-CBN’s parent and the flagship company of the Lopez Group.

He became chairman and CEO of ABS-CBN in 1996, when his father, the late Eugenio “Geny” Lopez, Jr., turned over the reins of the family-owned company to the younger Lopez, who had been President from 1993 to 1996. His mother, Chita Lopez was the wife of Geny Lopez.

ABS-CBN had enjoyed network leadership since its founding in 1953, apart from the years 1972 to 1986, when the company and all its affiliates were wrested from the Lopezes by the Marcos government. During this period and following his education, Gaby was employed at Crocker National Bank, where he served as Assistant Vice President in the Bank’s back office processing area. He had an undistinguished banking career in the U.S. while waiting for work in his family’s media and utility interests in the Philippines.

When control of the company was restored by the Aquino administration in 1986, Gaby Lopez was given a job by his father and started with ABS-CBN as Director of Finance. He was appointed General Manager a year later and the network regained its supremacy shortly after.

The leadership of Gaby Lopez saw the steady growth of ABS-CBN’s staple businesses, while he aggressively pursued the company’s diversification into various successful ventures. These include Interactive Media, Sound Recording, Post-Production, International Cable and Satellite Distribution, Sports Programming and Licensing and Merchandising.

A visionary, he created the Lopez Communications Group in 1997. CommGroup is the management committee that oversees the development and implementation of convergence projects for ABS-CBN together with BayanTel and SkyCable, the Lopezes investments in telecommunications and cable telephony and data warehousing across the three companies. He is also the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of CommGroup.

Lopez holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Bowdoin College (1970-1974) and a Master of Business Administration from Harvard Business School (1978-1980). He is a member of the prominent López family of Iloilo; his father, the late Eugenio “Geny” Lopez, Jr., is known as one of the innovators of Philippine television.

Other Information

  • Name: Eugenio “Gabby” L. Lopez, III
  • Age: 57
  • Father: Eugenio “Geny” Lopez, Jr.
  • Mother: Chita Lopez
  • School Attended:
    • Master of Business Administration, Harvard Business School (1978-1980)
    • Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, Bowdoin College (1970-1974)

Business Interest

  • ABS-CBN Holdings Corp., Treasurer, Controller and Director
  • ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corp., Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (2006-Present)
  • Investment & Finance Committee First Philippine Holdings Corp., Director and Member (2005-Present)
  • Bayan Telecommunications Holdings Corporation Bayan Telecommunications, Inc., Vice Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, President and Vice Chairman
  • Benpres Holdings Corp., Treasurer and Director
  • Sky vision and RCPI, President
  • Lopez Communications Group, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer


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