George TyGeorge S.K. Ty (Siao Kian Ty)” is a Filipino-Chinese finance tycoon. He founded Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company, currently the largest bank in terms of Assets and Capital in the Philippines. He also has stakes in the Bank of the Philippine Islands and Philippine Savings Bank, a Metrobank subsidiary. George Ty was the owner of the G.T. International Tower in Makati. He used to be a billionaire where he once had a networth of $2.2 Billion back in 1998.

In 1962, at the age of 29, Ty founded Metropolitan Bank & Trust Company, together with Don Emilio Abello, Don Pio Pedrosa and Placido Mapa Sr., with a branch in Binondo. Four years later, a provincial branch was set up in Davao; by the 1970s the bank went international, opening in Taipei.

Other Information

  • Fullname: George S.K. Ty
  • Chinese Name: Siao Kian Ty (鄭少堅)
  • Birthday: 1932, Hong Kong
  • Wife:  Mary Vy Ty
  • Children: 5 children
    • Arthur V. Ty
    • Alfred V. Ty
    • Anjanette V. Ty
    • Margaret L. Ty-Cham
    • Zandra M. Ty
  • Parents:
    • Norberto Ty
    • Victoria Ty Tan
  • Schools Attended :

Other Interest

  • Metropolitan Bank & Trust Co. : Director and Chairman of the Metrobank Group – 2006-Present
  • Global Business Holdings Inc. : Chairman
  • Manila Doctor’s College, Honorary Chairman


  • Management Association of the Philippines Management Man of the Year (MMY) – 2006.

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    why is there no significant qualities and the one he contributed

  2. Merryl L. Ong

    I don’t know if Dr. George Ty knows what is happening on the grounds.
    A conspiracy exixts among the bank manager, a third party, legal, etc. They will hold the family of a decedent hostage to the third party’s demands by informing the latter about the decedent’s accounts with the bank. Long story but in short it is a bank you can no longer trust.

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