Harley Sy 02Harley T. Sy has been the President of SM Investments Corp., since 2005 and serves as its Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Sy also serves as Executive Vice President of ShoeMart Inc., a subsidiary of SM Investments Corp. He served as Senior Vice President and Treasurer of SM Prime Holdings Inc., from 1994 to February 20, 2007. Mr. Sy was involved in the merchandising area of the SM Department Store, as well as retail affiliates within the SM Group. He takes an active role … in Mall leasing. Mr. Sy has been a Director/Officer for more than five years in companies engaged in banking, retailing, food, real estate development, finance and investment. Mr. Sy has been a Director of China Banking Corp., since May 2001 and SM Investments Corp., since 1993.

His directorships include the following: ACE Hardware Phils., Shoemart Inc., and H.S. Food, Inc., among other corporations. HSY, HTS, HS and HTS, Jr. are related within the 2nd civil degree by consanguinity. He served as a Director of Equitable PCI Bank Inc., since August 2005. He served as a Director of Vantage Equities, Inc.

Mr. Sy holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Commerce, major in Finance from De La Salle University.

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  1. Roopchand Rahul Sindhi

    Humble human being,
    to hold so many high positions,
    performing very well, he must
    be million miles away from anger.
    Most of the tall people are found
    to be not intelligent, he is intelligent
    it is easy to found one in a billon,
    his parents country
    have population more than a billion
    his intelligent is highlighted
    because he
    was born in the Philippine.

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