Jamir Garcia is a Filipino singer better known as the frontman of the nu metal band, Slapshock.

The band was formed during the University of the Philippines Fair on the 14th of February in 1997, which marked their first ever gig. The band’s name came from funky guitar plucking and chord slapping technique that characterized much of the nu metal sound.

The group produced the album themselves, perfecting musicality and peculiar arrangements. If previous albums are any indication, things bode well for their latest effort. They received nominations such as Best Artist by MTV Asia and was awarded by the NU107 as Band of the Year 2001, 2002 and 2003 and Best in Album Packaging for Novena in 2002.

Slapshock, the band that earned raves locally with seven top-selling albums, is winning over the world as well. And they are doing it their way and on their own terms. They performed at the Dubai Desert Rock Festival on March 7 and 8 together with internationally acclaimed bands like Korn, Machine Head, Velvet Revolver, Muse and Marky Ramone (of the seminal punk band The Ramones) and many others.

Desert Rock has become one of the largest rock events of its kind and the only one in the Middle East since 2004, doubling its attendances yearly and bringing in the largest names to the desert. “It was very fulfilling; we saw the bands that we idolize. We were inspired to write new materials. We became a band because of them,” exclaims vocalist Jamir Garcia. Though they sang a Tagalog song, overwhelming audience acceptance of their music was very visible. “The audience was mostly whites; it’s another inspiration that we can let foreigners jam with us. It’s a manifestation that music really transcends,” bassist Lee Nadela attested. Slapshock has been invited not only to perform but also to record their first-ever international album. They see this as another challenge since they will be bringing new sound of Filipinos to foreign airwaves.

Other Information

  • Origin : Philippines
  • Genres : Nu metal, Alternative rock, Metalcore
  • Occupation : Singer
  • Instruments : Vocals
  • Years active : 1996–present
  • Associated acts : Slapshock

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