Lance Gokongwei
Lance Gokongwei

Mr. Lance Y. Gokongwei, President and Chief Operating Officer of JG Summit Holdings, Inc. and Robinsons Retail Group.

Born to a family of successful entrepreneurs, Mr. Gokongwei graduated summa cum laude with double degrees in Bachelor of Science (Applied Science) from Pennsylvania Engineering School and Bachelor of Science (Finance) from Wharton School, USA. He also attended the Management and Technology Program at the University of Pennsylvania.

The 41-year-old executive whose management style is distinguished as “more operational, more focused and more consensual” is the recipient of the 2005 Entrepreneurship of the Year Award. In 2000, he received The Outstanding Young Men award.

Mr. Gokongwei is a member of the Young President’s Organization and the World Economic Forum Global Leaders for Tomorrow Program. He is also a Director of the Gokongwei Brothers Foundation. With his interest in books, he founded The Children’s Library.
Driven by his personal motto, “to make a positive difference”, Mr. Gokongwei continues to lead his companies to greater heights, expanding their market base of Filipino and foreign customers through continued delivery of value and quality service. (The major subsidiaries of JG Summit Holdings, Inc. and Robinsons Retail Group are: Universal Robina Corporation, Cebu Pacific Air, Digital Telecommunications Philippines, Inc. and Robinsons Land Corporation.)

Other Information

  • Name: Lance Yu Gokongwei
  • Father : John Gokongwei
  • Mother : Elizabeth Yu-Gokongwei
  • Wife: Mary Joyce “Jay” Leong
  • Siblings :
    • Lisa Gokongwei-Cheng
    • Robina Gokongwei-Pe
    • Faith Gokongwei-Lim
    • Marcia Gokongwei-Sy
    • Hope Gokongwei-Tang
  • Schools Attended:
    • BS economics, Applied Science, University of Pennsylvania, USA
    • BS Finance, Wharton School, USA
    • Anglo-Chinese Secondary School, Singapore

Other Interest

  • Chairman of the Board, Robinsons Bank
  • Chairman of the Board and Director, Robinsons Savings Bank
  • Director, Digital Telecommunications Phils Inc., 1993-Present
  • Director, Oriental Petroleum and Minerals Corp., 1994-Present
  • Chief Executive Officer, President, Director, Member of Audit Committee, Member of Nomination Committee and Member of Remuneration & Compensation Committee, Cebu Air, Inc. , 1997-Present
  • Non Executive Director and Member of Executive Committee, Singapore Land Ltd.1999-Present
  • Director, United Industrial Corporation Limited, 1999-Present
  • President, Chief Operating Officer, Director, Member of Audit Committee, Member of Nomination Committee, Member of Executive Committee and Member of Remuneration & Compensation Committee, Universal Robina Corp., 2002-Present
  • President, Chief Operating Officer, Director, Member of Audit Committee, Member of Nomination Committee, Member of Executive Committee, Member of Remuneration & Compensation Committee, President of Universal Robina Corporation and Chief Operating Officer of Universal Robina Corporation, JG Summit Holdings Inc., 2002-Present
  • Vice Chairman, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Member of Audit Committee, Member of Nomination Committee and Member of Remuneration & Compensation Committee, Robinsons Land Corp., 2006-2006

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  3. Roberto S. Alonso

    Is Lance Gokongwei qualified to run as president of the Republic of the Philippines?

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