Lucio Tan (born July 17, 1934) is a prominent Chinese Filipino business magnate. In 1970, Tan brought to the country an advanced hog-raising facility from Taiwan and set up Foremost Farms in Tanay, Rizal. The farm now operates on a 146-hectare facility and has an average daily production of 50 metric tons of hogs for the domestic market making it one of the largest hog farms in Southeast Asia.

In 1977, Tan acquired from the Philippine government the defunct General Bank and Trust Company which he renamed Allied Bank.

In 1978, Tan ventured into building and construction when he bought Riverside Steel Inc. which was renamed Grandspan Development Corporation. To date, Grandspan has been involved in the construction of power plants, high rise buildings, bridges, airport terminal and hangars, and other structures.

In 1982, after then President Ferdinand Marcos lifted the ban on the establishment of new beer companies, Tan established Asia Brewery, a beverage company.

In 1985, Tan bought Century Park Hotel.

Twenty-two years after the establishment of his flagship business venture plus a bank, a hotel, a hog-raising farm, a construction company, and a beverage company, it’s time to pay if forward. Tan established the Tan Yan Kee Foundation in 1986 in honor of the late Tan family patriarch. The Foundation’s principal projects are in support of education, culture and sports, research, health, and social welfare, and manpower development.

In 1988, the Lucio Tan Group of Companies acquired Tanduay Distillery, the oldest maker of rum, from the Elizalde Family. Tan and his group launched a plant modernization and expansion program that increased Tanduay’s production by almost 50 times.

Realizing that education is the only way to escape poverty, Tan also heavily invested in education. He bought the University of the East in 1990 and he considers this his biggest feat in promoting education in the country.

In 1993, the country’s national flag carrier, Philippine Airlines joins the list of companies that Lucio Tan controls and manages.

In 1995, he founded yet another company in the aviation industry. The Macro Asia Corporation was envisioned to be the leading provider of aviation and logistics services. This vision has become a reality as Macro Asia Corporation is now the provider of technical ground handling, engineering and maintenance services, and catering services to majority of the international airlines.

In 2000, Tan has become the majority stockholder of Philippine National Bank. The merger of PNB and Allied Bank is expected to be completed before the end of this year.

Other Information

  • Real Name: Lucio Tan
  • Chinese Name: Tan Eng Tsai
  • Birth Place: Amoy, Fujian province, China
  • Nickname : El Kapitan
  • Born : July 17, 1934
  • Wife: Carmen Khao Tan
  • Children: 6 children
  • Schools Attended : Far Eastern University
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Fortune: self made
  • Source: Diversified

Business Interests

  • Tanduay Holdings Inc. –  (TDY), formerly known as Asian Pacific Equity Corporation (APEC), was incorporated on May 27, 1937 under the name The Manila Wine Merchants, Inc. On November 10, 1999, the Securities and Exchange Commission approved the change in the company’s corporate name to Tanduay Holdings,Inc.
  • Pal Holdings Inc.
  • Eton Properties Philippines Inc.
  • Tanduay Distillers Inc.
  • Baguio Gold Holdings Corp.
  • Philippine Airlines Inc. –  operates as an airline company in the Philippines. It runs flights from the Philippines to China, Hong Kong, Japan, Doha, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Canada, the United States, Bahrain, Macau, and various international destinations. The company provides duty free sales and airport transfer services. The company was incorporated in 1941 and is headquartered in Pasay City, the Philippines. Philippine Airlines, Inc. operates as a subsidiary of PAL Holdings, Inc.
  • Asia Brewery Inc. – operates as a brewery. Its products include beer, colt, colt ice, stag, drinking water, iced tea, and soft drinks. The company also provides glass and plastic bottling and packaging products for food and beverage companies. Asia Brewery, Inc. was founded in 1982 and is based in Makati City, the Philippines.
  • Basic Holdings Corp.
  • Himmel Industries Inc.
  • Grandspan Dev’t Corp.
  • Lucky Travel Corporation
  • Fortune Tobacco Corp.
  • Balabac Resources & Holdings Co. Inc.
  • Allied Banking Corporation
  • Philippine National Bank
  • Century Park Hotel
  • Air Philippines

Other Interests

  • Tan Yan Kee Foundation Inc.
  • San Lorenzo Ruiz Mission Foundation Inc.
  • Foundation for Upgrading the Standard of Education Inc. (FUSE).


  • He bought the University of the East in 1990
  • In 1977, Tan acquired from the Philippine government the defunct General Bank and Trust Company which he renamed Allied Bank.
  • In 1985, Tan bought Century Park Hotel
  • 2nd Richest Man in the Philippines – Forbes Magazine –2008
  • Lucio Tan’s Group of Companies provides jobs to 50,000 people
  • He was a known ally of former President Ferdinand Marcos.


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