Luis Juan L. Virata has been President of UEM Development Philippines Inc. since 1995. Mr. Virata is holding management positions in the following companies: Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of CLSA Exchange Capital Corporation; Chairman and President, Exchange Properties Resources Corporation (owner of Caylabne Bay Resort); Chairman, PR Holdings Corporation (holding company of Philippine Airlines).

Mr. Virata has been Chairman and Director of UEM Development Philippines … Inc. since 1995. He has been a Director of Benguet Corp. since August 8, 1995. He serves as Director of Group 4 Securitas. Mr. Virata served as Director of Philippine Airlines, Huntsman Foundation (Pennsylvania, USA). He holds directorships in Exchange Properties Corporation, Jardine Fleming Exchange Capital Corporation, and other companies. Mr. Virata obtained his Masters in Business from Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania, USA and his M.A. in Economics from Trinity College, Cambridge, UK.

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