After graduating with a degree in Medical Technology, Mr. Mars Chua tried his hand at buying and selling merchandise with his brothers. It was during this time that he came up with the concept of specializing in exclusively selling sports equipment. The practice then was for stores to carry sports equipment along with musical instruments. In 1983, Mr. Chua established Sportshouse International Leisure, Inc.

Mr. Chua introduced a novel approach to selling sports equipment. His initial objective was to make sports equipment and merchandise accessible to customers. Products were displayed on open shelves and on the floor so that customers could handle them before purchasing. In letting customers try out the equipment, Sportshouse was able to create a relaxed environment and sold more products.

In line with Mr. Chua’s mission to “bring life into sports and sports into people’s lives,” Sportshouse organized events that brought games like badminton, darts, table tennis, and boxing competitions into places where people gather, like shopping malls. Sportshouse also conducted programs in cooperation with local barangays. One such program is “Sports Against Drugs,” which was aimed at the youth who were provided with sports equipment to encourage more active lifestyles. The company also stages an annual Corporate and Celebrity Badminton Cup which has become popular with the business community.

Mr. Chua’s leadership has won for Sportshouse several awards including the “Parangal ng Bayan” 2004 Consumer’s Choice Award as the Most Outstanding Sports and Outdoor Retailer of the Year, the 2004 National Consumer’s Award as Top Athletic Sports and Equipment Store and the 2004 Most Outstanding Retailer of the Year Medium Scale category of the Department of Trade and Industry and Philippine Retailer’s Association (PRA). Mr. Chua also currently serves as the President of the PRA.

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