Being residents of General Santos City, Mr. Ritche Rivera and his family are no strangers to the bounty of the sea. The Riveras own RD Fishing Industry, the flagship company of RD Corporation and the holding and managing entity of a group of 42 companies and subsidiaries. When they were young, he and his brothers were already exposed to the operations of the business. After obtaining a business administration degree from the University of San Carlos, Mr. Rivera trained in their tuna-canning operations in Celebes. From there, he was sent on a special assignment to start RD Tuna Canners, RD Group’s tuna cannery in Papua New Guinea (PNG).

Mr. Rivera stayed in PNG to oversee the setup and start up of operations. He spent his time mastering fishing and tuna-canning operations and helping to grow RD Tuna Canners. After five years abroad, he returned to his hometown to work on Philbest Canning Corporation, a tuna cannery acquired from RFM Corporation. In due time, he was able to turn the business around. Philbest became profitable in just two years after Mr. Rivera took over. Having applied everything he learned in PNG, this particular success gave him much fulfillment.

Today, RD Manufacturing is the top exporter of canned tuna. It is the only tuna-canning company in the Philippines that has its own fishing company and packaging facility. As such, it is able to assure its customers worldwide of meeting their volume requirements.

Under Mr. Rivera’s leadership, RD Manufacturing was awarded by the Office of the President of the Philippines for being the top export grosser in the agriculture sector in 2003. RD Manufacturing is accredited by the EFSIS, the premier third party independent inspection and certification service and one of the highest governing bodies in Europe, the International Group Safety, and the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources.

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