Robinhood Fernando Cariño Padilla or simply known as Robin Padilla (born November 23, 1969, Manila, Philippines) is a Filipino action star who earned the showbiz moniker “The Bad Boy of Philippine Action Movies” during the ’90s when he played cold-blooded gangster roles in movies like “Anak ni Baby Ama“, “Grease Gun Gang” and the title-roler, “Bad Boy 2“.

He is the younger brother of actors BB Gandanghari, Rommel Padilla and Royette Padilla.

Padilla was born to Carlos Roy Padilla and Eva Carino. He has 7 siblings, 3 brothers and 4 sisters.

On April 25, 1994, Padilla was convicted of illegal possession of firearms and was sentenced to 17-21 years in jail. While in jail in 1996, he converted to Islam and married Liezl Sicango in a Muslim ceremony at the New Bilibid Prison social hall. He was pardoned and released in 1998 by Fidel Ramos.

He has four children with Liezl, a son named Ali and three daughters Queenie, Kylie and Zhen-Zhen. He also has a son named Mico to actress Jobelle Salvador and a daughter named Camille Garcia with Leah Orosa. He owns a house at posh Pines Ville Street, Greenview Executive Village, Barangay Sauyo, Novaliches, Quezon City, where thieves stole his Motorola cellular phone and a 357 Luger, a German-made handgun loaded with 6 bullets, on May 3, 2008.

In 2009, Padilla announced that he has been divorced from his wife Liezl Sicangco for two years and that Sicango has a new husband in Australia.

Padilla is currently dating Mariel Rodriguez who he met during his stint as a host of Wowowee. On August 7, 2010, he professed his love for Mariel Rodriguez and put a 1.2 million pesos worth (around 26,708.40 USD) diamond ring on her finger, live on national TV.

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