Tom is a 22-year-old amateur musical composer and illustrator from the US state of Arizona. He is a native of Catbalogan, Samar but migrated to the States when he was 12 years old with his mom and dad, who is a US Navy serviceman. He spoke little English when he moved abroad and was ridiculed. Tom loves to draw and is interested in pursuing a career in digital animation. On Day 41, Tom was given a forced eviction because of his outburst in the third game of the Pinoy Big Battle which led to him punching the Activity Area’s wall. He left the house the next day with ex-housemate Princess, who re-entered the house to accompany him to the outside world as most of Tom’s relatives are living outside Metro Manila.

Other Information

  • Real name: Bartolome Alberto “Tom” Mott
  • Born: October 1, 1987

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