Vivian Que Azcona is the President of Mercury Drugs Incorporated, the leading drugstore chain in the Philippines. She was a product of Assumption College and was a member of the Assumption Glee Club.

Other Information

  • Name: Vivian Que Azcona
  • School Attended:
    • Assumption College

Business Interest

  • Mercury Drugs Incorporated, President


One Thought to “Vivian Que Azcona”

  1. Jay Ariel

    Attention please Ms Vivian Que Azcona

    I would like to share this UNUSUAL and SAD experience I had with one of Mercury Drug stores staff JEIA EUSTAQUIO POSADA on January 24, 2013 08:43am at their Acropolis branch located in E. Rodriguez Avenue, Bagumbayan, QC just across the so called Eastwood in Libis. I went directly over the counter to buy four pieces of 600mg of Ketolog tablets; at the point of sale I politely hand over to her my LBC Send &
    Swipe debit card with its VISA logo and my Mercury Drug Suki card with its number 004 912 436.

    The girl whom I was able to identify latter as Jeia asked me without the supposed “po” or “opo” at least as a courtesy: Ano ‘yan? Then I said it’s a debit card and further explained that it is a lot better since it is pre loaded with cash compare to a credit card but it works the same way. She said “Hindi kami tumatanggap n’yan yung credit card lang talaga or BPI card.” Although I also have my BPI card but to my surprise I asked her why and even told her that I have used that many times in other branches of Mercury Drug stores and even in supermarkets and department stores. She then made a gesture na parang nag-pamaywang in tagalog and made face with matching circling of eyes… in tagalong it’s “umismid”, showed my card to one of the ladies there, probably one of the cashiers and asked “Nakapag-processed ka na ba nito?” the lady seemed said no and Jeia got back to me: “Hindi kami tumatanggap nito.” I insisted to use the card and processed it the way a credit card does and it worked. But while swiping my card she’s making a gesture to describe it in tagalong “pailing-iling” with a palatak that really got into my nerve and irritated me. So at that point I asked for a supervisor or a manager, and then came Lizel Mata. I shortly narrated what happened and Lizel immediately apologized, asked for my name and contact number which she never explained what’s in it for me.

    This girl Jeia who seems to have forgotten her good manners and right conduct should be reprimanded or better suspend her for a day or two without pay. I may be wrong and sorry to say this but my honest feeling is perhaps she belittled me because I have difficulty in walking for the time being due to edema on my left leg and foot and so I walk with the aid of a cane and sometimes I speak with a little difficulty as mild effect of the medications I am taking but that should not be a reason to be treated that way which for me — a total disrespect. I really feel that this is something that should not be experienced by anyone else. I would not even wish for this to happen even to my worst enemy. If she doubted my card or even my personality then she could have asked for a valid ID but the mere fact I have also given my suki card which certainly has record in their data base then it only means I am transacting business with the use of my debit card in good faith.

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