Washington Sycip 02Washington SyCip (born June 30, 1921) is the Chinese Filipino founder of the Asian Institute of Management and the founder of Sycip Gorres Velayo and Company. A proud product of the Philippine public school system, Sycip was away in the United States completing a post-graduate degree during the outbreak of the Second World war. His father who was in Manila at the time the Japanese invaded was taken into custody and detained by the Japanese. After hearing of reports that his father was executed by the Japanese, Sycip enlisted in the war effort. He was recruited into a “special codebreaking” class and was later deployed to India as a codebreaker.

After the war Sycip started his own practice of accountancy as W. SYCIP. He eventually partnered with Alfredo Velayo and Ramon Gorres to form what is now known as SGV. Sycip received numerous praises in the field of accountancy and consultancy. He currently has numerous advisory and consultancy commitments despite his advanced years.

His father Albino SyCip (pure Fujianese) is known as the “Dean of Philippine Banking”. Albino was one of the first if not the first ethnic Chinese to be admitted to the Philippine Bar. He practiced law until the call of banking industry took him from such practice.

Mr. Sycip has done a B.Sc. in Commerce from University of Santo Tomas, Philippines and M.Sc. in Commerce from Columbia University, New York.

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